Kyle Milligan's sculptures...display an insouciant eccentricity, combined with a mastery of traditional sculptural techniques. (DeWitt Cheng, East Bay Express)

Informed by Punk roots, inspired by his medium, incapable of obedience, and thoroughly amused by medical terminology, Oakland-based artist Kyle Milligan creates hefty sculptures in plaster, iron, and rubber. With titles like "Steatopygia" (fat buttocks), "Schistosoma in Copula”, and “Never Rename a Piece”, his large-scale works are funny and uneasy, layered with meaning, both acute and obtuse. In his 2011 solo show Yeast Piss & Poppy Sap, Milligan describes his work as “...Songs, unspoiled by lyrics you have to figure out. Their names are fun band names. People have been beat up by art. I don't feel you need to have an art degree to look at art, any more than you need a music degree to listen to the Beatles."

Kyle Milligan has presented solo exhibitions at The Fake Gallery in Los Angeles and Studio Quercus in Oakland, and has shown nationally at The Oakland Museum, American Steel, Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark, and Bedford Gallery, among others. He has collaborated with artist Hopi Breton to create The History of Bowling —a performance using molten iron, was co-director of the alternative art and performance space Studio Quercus, and continues his practice of incessant art-making and subtle rabble-rousing in Oakland, California.

385 26th Street

Oakland, CA 94612